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The Third Legacy— How did Nazi Leader Herman Goering obtain the cyanide capsules that allowed him to commit suicide before he was hanged? What were the startling results of his defiant act in the international art world 40 years later? Bob Shelburne, descendent of a U.S. Army prison guard in Nuremberg, finds the key to a Swiss bank safety-deposit box in his grandmother's attic. The box holds the answers, but Bob might not live to discover them. Based on an authentic WWII mystery and a diary by Dr. Solomon's mother about life as a young woman in Nazi Germany. Transparent Oceans A true story of how the United States Navy defeated the Soviet submarine force during the Cold War. A triumphant marriage of formerly classified at-sea operations and modern technology. 
    The Cold War was essentially a battle of technologies and of mind-games on how best to use scientific breakthroughs. One of the most dangerous threats to the United States was the missile-carrying, nuclear-powered Soviet submarines that roamed freely in the oceans of the world. This book is a first-time revelation of the details of how that threat was defeated by forcing the oceans to become “transparent
Gotcha! The people ruined by the collapse of Enron and WorldCom by the unethical business practices of their former corporate leaders had no defense...or did they? This novel tells how they could, and maybe are, exacting their revenge upon their former leaders.

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Unknown Connections— The violent pogrom of 1905 in Feodosiya, a small port city in the Crimea, destroyed the family of two brothers, Noah and Isaac Shmurak. They decide to follow their destinies to new lands—one in Russia, the other in America.  This epic story covers five generations—the years after the pogrom through the fall of the Soviet Union, with the drama of the turn-of-the-century shipping industry, oil wildcatters, two world wars, and the Cold War and includes the drama of the development of the atomic submarine by both the Soviet Union and the United States.

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Contributors: Marien Helz
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